About me

Hi! My name is Jing. I love to cook and sew.

Having grown up in China, I certainly didn't have much "spare time" to develop any hobbies like cooking or sewing. According to my father, those weren't the right career directions for me. Thanks dad, so I spent my many after school hours practicing calligraphy, electronic keyboards, and doing my mountains of homework assigned by the teachers. I was a good student and ironically I enjoyed doing my homework (?!). But I felt awkward when I got married. I couldn't cook!!

Well I did know a few things about eggs ---- boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs.... The thing is you can't really go wrong with eggs.

My husband can't cook either. He put soy sauce in all the dishes and still does it whenever he gets the chance to "cook". We were swimming in soy sauce for 3 years. I had had enough before my cooking intuition kicked in.

I started fiddling with recipes when my daughter was 5-6 months old. I was looking for interesting baby friendly recipes to cook for my fussy eater. I got my first food processor, a KENWOOD. 4 years later, it's earned a permanent spot on my kitchen counter and is still going strong.

Today, I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my husband and daughter. I thoroughly enjoy trying new recipes and cook a storm in the kitchen whenever I can. My latest addiction is sewing.

Have some questions? Please email me at jingx(dot)du@gmail.com.
I would love to hear from you.

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