Monday, May 15, 2017

Me Made May -- Week 2

I'm half way through Me Made May. What I've realized is that it's not which "handmade" clothes I look for every morning but rather which clothes I want to wear, generally. I'm pretty proud of my wardrobe at this point. It's taken me years to build up a handmade collection, but wearing what I make has become part of me. If I need to add another piece, I make it. That simple.


hemlock tee + tapered pants hidden under the table

Lately, I'm struggling to find a work/play/motherly duty balance. I almost don't have time for myself to watch a movie, and I've guiltily set the child-rearing style permanently to a free-range method. I'd like to be more fit, and learning a new language has been on my mind for a while. My tendency of making things from scratch certainly doesn't help here. So little time, so much to do, right? I guess the best way is to make time for the things you want to do and achieve what you want in life. ;-)
Till next time.

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