Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Me Made May --- Week 1

This year, I've successfully hopped onto the Me Made May wagon. There wasn't much hesitation because even if I don't add anything to my current wardrobe, I should have enough handmade clothes to see me through the month. It didn't happen overnight, but I have built up a substantial me-made collection. 

Usually my daughter takes a photo of me with my phone everyday after school, so here are some outfits from the first week of May.

wanderlust tee + tuck shorts

wanderlust teetapered pants

frilly-sleeve top + tucked skirt

linen long jacket + long cardigan

stripy shirt + sarouel pants
It's surely a process, but totally possibly to create a wardrobe with your own hands. I'm aiming to add more knitted wool socks for this Winter, but otherwise I will survive just fine, with a few pieces added here and there.
I intentionally moved away from a white wall background, so it looks more real. See, I've made an effort. But what's even more real is I'm way less cool than the person in the photos. I'm often running around like a mad woman, in my sweaty t-shirt from the gym, dashing to various locations, before I take a shower... Only keep things real here, friends.
Speak soon.

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