Friday, May 5, 2017

A Work-in-Progress Pullover

As much as I’d not like to admit that I’m beaten by the endless house moves, I am. Plus April’s school holidays and constant long weekends here and there, I’ve completely broken my rhythm. Here I am, without my machines, again, for a good 10 days this time, taking a break that I don’t need.

However, in order for it not to sound too pessimistic, I’ve bought wool and I’m becoming a knitter statue. Knitting by hands is a true form of slow fashion, emphasis on the slow. But it’s a good excuse to escape the frustration and stuff your mind with podcast shows and your mouth with chocolate, till you get a dull headache from too much concentration (on reading the cable chart), and a growing tum, simply from not moving around much.
Having said that, there’s certainly a strong addiction brewing. I want to spend winter with pure wool, not just any kind of yarn with a low wool content. Real wool feels, different, with a more buttery touch, much softer than polyester yarns, and it just feels natural....
For this pullover, I’m using African Express’s Adore range. It’s 80% merino wool and 20% kid mohair, which is from Angora goat. I am using a pattern from Brooklyn Tweed. Knitting cables for the first time is less challenging than what I’d expected it to be, so now I have the growing ambition to knit a few of my favorite pieces from Michele Wang Collection. The reality? I’ll stick to one year one sweater.
I’m not sure if knitting portraits a granny image, but I can feel I am becoming one, physically, after a few days of suffering from stiff neck and sore fingers, as well as some loss of sleep. I’ve done all the cable parts, a.k.a. front and back bodices. Now journey on with the sleeves. Or, a Stretch & Tone class instead? ;-)
Hope to be back soon.


  1. Looks amazing! I had a friend teach me to crochet a little while ago, but have failed to finish anything except a scarf (which I still haven't got around to blogging...). You look like you're on track to get this one done, though! Be sure to post modelled photos!

    1. I can't crochet anything except for little flowers that I learnt from Youtube long time ago. Yep, I've finished knitting all the pieces today. Now it's time to sew everything together. Not really looking forward to that least fun part, but also excited to see how it fits once done. :D