Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Long Linen Tucked Jacket

Morning friends, I'm slowly getting my mojo back and have finally whipped up something new. It's actually a birthday present for C's friend, which had been given away last weekend already. I don't normally make clothes to give away as presents, especially something like this, which takes way longer than popping into the shop and buy something. But somehow I needed a reason to get me back to sewing, and the idea of giving away a handmade present didn't sound too shaby.

The material is my favorite linen that I go back to over and over again. It's very soft so it's ideal for this drapey shape. And the tucks look a million times more sophisticated than gathers. They do tend to take more time to make, but the effect is totally worth it.

tucks at the back

tucks on sleeves
The pattern is from here. I had the buttons covered at the sewing center, as I thought to use any other buttons would make the jacket look less classy? ;-)
I've got some good news this week and my head is spining a little, and I'm running around for multiple errands, doctor appointments, extra murals classes, the never ending kids parties...
I haven't got much time to sit down and sew but I've got some backlog orders that I must complete. Let's get it rolling --- I'd totally do a rock-on sign and a virtual cartwheel if you could see me right now.
Speak soon.

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