Friday, May 19, 2017

A Hague Pullover

How to be a more patient person? I'm losing my cool, guys. I'm starting to dread waking up my daughter every morning. From that moment on to getting her to the car has been an hour of pure torture lately. I'm naturally not the authority figure type and I don't enjoy telling people what to do, particularly so when it involves constant repeating myself. I do understand it's part of the package that I signed up for once I became a parent, so chocolate therapy you say? Oh well, since I don't have any remedy yet, I blame for the cooling temperature and those cozy early mornings under a warm duvet. ;-)

Besides my morning struggles, I'm thoroughly content with Autumn if it means I get to wear sweaters. I remember during my teenage years, it's considered cool to wear as little as possible in Winter, like just a t-shirt, a jacket and one single layer of pants. I tried that once and almost died from hypothermia sitting in the unheated classroom, my fingers too stiff to write anything. I put on layers of clothes the next day, two sweaters to be exact, which made me the uncoolest person in the whole school. I love that toasty feeling of being wrapped up in soft and comfy clothes on cold days, don't you? A hot chocolate is always a bonus, too.
This is monumental. I'm more of sewer than a knitter. Both are newly acquired skills and I do love both. The thing is if pushed, I could sew something from pattern making to the end product in one day. But it's mission impossible with knitting. It's a true form of handmade, and a pure symbol of labor of love. I've wanted to make one sweater a year for myself. Last year, I knitted this one. And this year I'm met the quota, too, with this cabled sweater.
If you've made this far and are beginner knitters like me, I have to tell you in despite of their sophisticated look, cables are not scary at all. The pattern is Hague from Michele Wang's collection. I'm a huge fan of all her designs. There, she just fueled my one-year-one-sweater pledge with her big range. I got the wool --- African Express Adore --- from Orion. 20% kid Mohair and 80% Merino wool, I'm so happy with this stuff. It feels like butter. I'm a loose knitter so now this sweater is extra extra cozy.
Of course I've made mistakes here and there, and you can see them on the final product, but isn't that what's beautiful about handicraft?
Knitting is seriously addictive. I'm planning hard now on a sweater for C, and maybe some hats and socks to gear us up for the Winter. It's all about making time for the things you want to do, and I will find the time. :-)
Have a nice weekend.


  1. Impatient? Surely knitting that amazing jumper required loads of patience! I do understand the frustrations of school mornings though - they are just awful. I've done all sorts of things to try to make them run more smoothly: sticker charts, threats, lists, visual reminders... even letting the kids get there late to face the consequences. Good luck!

    1. Hi Marisa, so sorry for the late reply. I thought I had responded to the comment. I am thoroughly losing touch with this whole blogging thing. The mornings are magically getting better on my side. Have faith. :D

  2. Jing, if you can knit a whole sweater then you are the most patient person in the world, there is no instant gratification there. Plus that you can knit, sew, blog, be a parent and keep the house running is already super. I for one am enjoying your IG pictures and blog.

    1. Aww thank you so much for the kind words, Kate. I think I can be quite patient doing the things I enjoy doing, sewing and knitting for example, but impatient doing other things that don't quite bring joy, like waking up a child on an early Winter's day. But things are looking good now. I am on the winning side. ;-)