Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stretch Cotton Twill Tapered Pants

Hi, it's been a while. Apart from school holidays, I had also reached a point with blog posts. Instagram seems much easier to use at times like this. I don't know if there's anyone out there who still reads blogs. I know I seldom read the words anymore myself, which is sad, but it's also part of evolution, no? We've all more or less adapted to a visual learning style. I almost convinced myself that blogs are useful no more until recently I wanted to make a jacket of mine in a different fabric and couldn't remember which pattern it was. It was a recent make so I located the relevant blog post and found the pattern. Maybe I do need to keep this place going, for my own sake, if nothing else.

Let's dive in. The pants are from Clean and Natural. I'm a little stuck with this book at the moment. The pattern is for 160cm, so I very strategically lengthened by 8cm for my 173cm body. It turned out that the pants just weren't long enough to not to look like a mistake, or short enough to wear as is. Adding cuffs were the only solution. A note to myself -- measure, measure and more measure before cutting the fabric.
Do you see that bulge of fabric sitting on me? I'm getting a little tired of wearing pants with an elasticated waist. It's OK for summer because you want loosely fitted garments. Now that we are stepping into Autumn, I need to up my game a little buy trying out some jeans. Yep, jeans making. Time to get that hammer out.
Speak soon. ;-)

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