Saturday, April 22, 2017

Brushed Cotton Polka Dot Jacket

Yesterday, I had my first night out, all by myself, since, C was born? I seldom go out at night, partly because I'm not a loud music person, partly because I rely on those uninterrupted intense sewing hours. But it felt good to be my own person and not wear the mom title for a few hours. I did come home way past my bedtime, and I'm paying for it today....

This jacket was made a while ago, during my blogging dry spell. The fabric is 100% brushed cotton. I know I can't go wrong with brushed cotton. It will always be worn by my daughter because of it's ultra softness.
The pattern is from here. All the patterns from this book go up to size 130cm. There's a slight sense of graduation now that I'm making clothes out of the biggest size. ;-)
I had the buttons covered at the sewing center.
Right now, I'm sitting at the desk in my tank top and waiting for this hopefully the last bit of heat wave to fade. I'm sure this newly made jacket shares the same feeling with me.
Till next time.

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