Monday, April 24, 2017

A Long Camouflage Jacket

Morning friends. I feel unexpected to be here on a Monday. We are having nonstop little school breaks here and there. But I had the whole weekend all to myself. C met friends at the beach for two days and of course getting toasted in the sun is not my thing, so dad's on duty, which probably explains the completion of this jacket.

I had been eyeing this pattern from Cotton Friend for a while, and the original jacket was made in a soft cotton linen I guess. But when I spotted this fabric from the shop, I knew immediately that this is it. I want to be camouflaged.

A little ironing accident happened during sewing. One side of the front panel became a little shrievelled up. I'm not sure if the temperature setting was too high, or this piece of fabric that's sold to me as cotton twill has other contents. Most retail fabric shops here don't have a specific listing of the contents. One day, when I'm getting really desperate, I will go order 100 meters of hemp and just sew solely from the real materials. Anyway, I did manage to save the front with ironing on top of a damp cloth. With much pulling and stretching, it kind of rejuvenated.

What I did change, besides lengthening the sleeves, is not making a button enclosure. The camouflage would look overwhelming to me if there wasn't some cooling color palette peeking through from underneath. Besides there's an inserted waist tie if I do need to close it up a bit.

When C saw this jacket, she got all excited and thought it was for her. Guess what, an order has been put in for making a copycat version of it. The unintentional matching outfits are happening a lot lately...

See you soon.

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