Thursday, March 9, 2017

Daisy and the Trouble with ... Bangs

When C came home on Wednesday, I was informed this Friday, which is today, will be their annual Dress Up Day at school. My heart sang and my jaw dropped. It's such a short notice and she's got specific requests. The characters the kids choose should come from a book they read. I've mentioned before that C's favorite books are Daisy series. It's no surprise that she wants to be ... Daisy.

There are many ways to be daisy, like a tee shirt and shorts combo. Daisy is not fussy. But C's aiming for tee shirt + dungarees. With a sewing mama that can make anything happen, why not aiming for the signature look, right?
So I found a short dungarees pattern from here and then lengthened and shaped legs to what felt like infinity. The pants' length fits her perfectly, but I thought it was cute to roll up the hems.
I had a day of intense fabric cutting and sewing, but it was all so worth it. She loves the outfit so much that..... she requested a Daisy hairdo, too....
Since, there's no way to find a hairdresser on Thursday evening, I had to step up to serve the job, with the help of my fabric scissors. So here it is, my daughter with bangs and a bob. I suppose both my scissors and myself are considered multipurposes now.
I'm really glad she didn't ask for a fairy glary outfit that would possibly just have had a one-day lifespan.
I've made a very happy girl and she's off to school with her scooter, just like the one in this image.
See you next week, friends.


  1. It's gorgeous! So wonderful when dress-ups are made up of cool clothes. Your pants-lengthening worked perfectly, too!

    1. Thank you thank you! Now she doesn't an excuse not to wear it. Har har har har....