Monday, March 20, 2017

Ruffle Sleeves Here We Go

Morning! I have a confession. I am now a certified copycat of my daughter's outfits.
C wore the green and black outfit I made for her last week three days in a row, and those ruffle sleeves were shouting for attention. Sometimes you look at the same thing for a long period of time, you either love it or hate it. In this case, I've totally fallen for the ruffles.

Instead of C's knits version, I've made mine in linen.
This top is from Kana's Standard II, which came out just after Kana's Standard for Kids. The tops in women's sizes and girls' sizes are very similar to each other, except the neckline contructions. And they both fall under my less-than-five-pattern-pieces styles. I'm hopeless I know....
The more I look at these ruffles, the more I want to make a skirt version, or simply rufflize my wardrobe. Time to practise those drafting skills and be creative.
I'm starting my week with three kids in the house, thanks to school holidays, but big plans in that drafting department. Allow me to stop yakking here and get back to my sewing scissors.
Until Wednesday, my friends.

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