Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Long Cardigan in Knits

What touches my heart? Right now I'd tell you anything Asian straight away. Not that I want to live in Asia one day again, I am just currently going through a sentimental phase, I guess. The other day I was fighting back tears while listening to some old songs that I knew from more than a decade ago; And today, I nearly laughed my head off listening to a podcast done in Shanghainese, a language I'm so familiar with and the hosts talked about things they went through in their childhood, which I so happen to share. You know that feeling? It's a now-there's-someone-who-would-understand-me kind of feeling. Sentimental phase, I told you...

On the bright side, I am still in one piece, and appear absolutely sane. The arrival of Autumn has helped. It's my favoriate time of the year, minus the wind.

We're still in our temporary house and most of my clothes are still in bags, untouched. I am too nervous to dig through the bags only to find them all very wrinkled like some pickled leafy vegetables. In fact, I don't remember having ever made a long cardigan. This soft fabric with toweling on the inside has won everyone's heart. The love for knit fabric is contagious.

The pattern is from this book. Like usual, I lengthened the bodice by 6cm, and the sleeves by 3cm. No.1 benefit from sewing your own clothes is never ever having to wear full-length sleeves that don't reach your wrists anymore, although it still happens to me occasionally when I forget to lengthen the patterns.

I can really get used to sewing cardigans like this one. Three pattern pieces. Speaking of my speciality....

I'm not all smiles for a change. That's because I've got the said music which stirred my emotions playing at the background. Motto of the week -- Use the heart to feel.

Till Friday. Take care.

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