Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gathered Skirt for All Ages

One of these days, I might take the plunge and dump my phone.
I use my phone, obsessively. Instagram, facebook and twitter (yes, I signed up for twitter recently and I'm not completely sure what it's all for still.), with so many social medias on the go, I am starting to feel overwhelmed.  The phone has become a distraction. I find myself go check every 15 minutes. Are there any likes on my photos? Is that a new follower popping up? Are there any comments I need to reply? Has anyone posted anything interesteing that I might miss? It is so pathetic! If you think I'm bad, there's worse. I was at the gym the other day, and I saw 8 out of 10 people working out while checking on their phones. Don't get me wrong. I admit that many things are now more easily accessible because of smartphones, but surely there's a limitation that we should all consider, like wine drinking, or sugar intake? I'm going to challenge myself to check my phone three times during the day and only to reply the urgent matter when I'm in the work mode. Does that sound realistic or not really?

This is a copycat version of the skirt I made for C this week. I'm not sure if this black + red combo makes me look like Minnie Mouse's aunt,  but I just wanted to make something simple and useful, something I know for sure I can grab easily from the wardrobe in the morning. You draft the pattern/rectangles according to your measurements, so it's a true "for all ages" skirt. The pockets have the perfect depth since they don't go all the way to the hem.
When you read sewing instructions from a company like Purl Soho, there's always new things to learn, guaranteed. Besides the interesting contruction of pockets, I've now known you can stitch at a few places on the waistband to secure the elastic from curling. I normally buy non-curl elastic bands, but if there's some certain width that I cannot find in the non-curl range, this little technique will be extremely helpful.
Like I said, this week I'm making clothes that I know we will wear a lot. And this new skirt could probably go with all my tee shirts so it certainly fits the bill.
That last photo -- just envisioning what the future holds, as I'm about to step into another year of my life tomorrow.
Have a great weekend. I hope mine is filled with chocolate cake.
I will be back on Monday, possibly a little bit heavier, a little bit older and hopfully a little wiser, too.


  1. Happy birthday Jing - the skirt looks great with the cross-grain pockets. Let us know how your phone-limiting efforts go - I don't think I could make the same commitment but I do know what you mean about social media overload...

    1. Thank you! I find it almost impossible, too. So for now, I've switched it to silent mode and I hope there won't be any urgent calls. My phone hardly rings anyway. Let's see if I survive this week. :D