Thursday, March 16, 2017

Frilly Sleeve Top and a Circle Skirt

Me and knits, we are making nice progress.
Making clothes that C actually wants to wear, than making clothes that only look good to me, has become my new goal. It's no secret that she loves wearing knits, and I prefer sewing with woven fabric. But if changing the fabric of choice will win her heart, I'm in, wholeheartedly.

Sewing knits doesn't mean I have to churn out tee shirts after tee shirts. It simply means now I just have to adapt woven styles to knits styles, which often have a more flowy and relaxed look. This top, for instance, is from Kana's Standard for Kids and it's made for woven/linen material. Good news is it's working perfectly on this not-very-stretchy knits, and because it's made on a serger most of the time, it's faster to sew.
I really like the design on the sleeves, which gave me the idea to pair it up with a full circle skirt.
All girls like circle skirts. Am I right?
She really really really likes this outfit. It's comfortable to wear and she's already counting the day to wear to school at holiday art clubs. Err.... messy art clubs with paint?
I've got two play dates scheduled for this coming long weekend, which means more making time for me! See you next week.

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