Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cotton Knits Pintuck Cardigan

I remember playing badminton in our neighborhood with my dad as a young girl. Whenever I wanted to tell him something, I'd always walk up to him because I felt embarrassed that other people might hear me too. My dad had always called me a mosquito, because my volume was as loud as a mosquito's buzz. As I grow up, I've gained more confidence. Even though I still keep a lot of thoughts to myself to this day, I wasn't shy to tell people what I think, which can be translated to being honest, or offensive. The closer the relationship, the more direct we tend to be. I know we all love the compliments, but what need to be taken more seriously are those honest opinions, good or bad. Not only will they push us to grow, they usually come from friends who are geniune and see you as real friends, too, if not paid professionals. So all of a sudden, I don't feel all that bad when I told a close girlfriend that she's put on weight, as direct as that.....

I am in a trench of knits myself. I get it now why C loves wearing knits so much. It's just super easy to wear and almost maintenance free. Who irons knits? Not me. I shake violently after taking them out of the washing machine and that's it. With a serger, it sews up ridiculously fast.
This cardigan is from Simple Chic. It's a one-size-fits-all pattern. I've lengthened sleeves a little, like what I normally do to a Japanese pattern.
I love love love the fit, as well as the tucks. They make a garment look more well made than gathers.
OK, friends, if you want to give me that honest opinion about me putting on weight, I'm all ears. ;-)
Till Friday.

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