Sunday, March 12, 2017

Backpack, a.k.a. a Stash Buster

I think by now the world knows the 40th Cape Argus Cycle Tour was cancelled due to severe wind. I saw the video clips on Youtube yesterday morning and the wind looked unreal. Here is a link to one of the videos. How's that related to me? Well, we usually go cyclists watching every year, but this wind had turned my Sunday plan upside down and forced me to come up with some backup indoor activities. If it were up to me, I would've stayed at home and sew up a storm. But since there's a little person looking for constant entertainment, sewing was out of the question, instead we made necklaces together. It was super fun for both of us. Actually now I think of it, I don't spend enough time crafting with C anymore. I am always busy making something on the weekends for my Monday's posts and during the week from homework to bedtime it often reminds me of a robotlike plant in a factory. She actually has asked me a few times when she can learn to sew. Er... let's do it next weekend!

So while C's on a playdate on Saturday, I made this backpack for her, using mostly leftover fabric from previous makes. The outer stripy material is from this jacket here. After everything's sewn up, I couldn't resist but put my things inside to try it out. To be honest, it wish it was mine. I think I will have to negotiate a deal with her so that we can agree to share the backpack somehow.
I tried magnet button for the first time. It's not scary at all. Love it. I see lots of bag making in the near future.
The backpack is from Cotton Friend Kids. There are many other cute projects for kids. I was wise enough to show C the magazine so now she's requested more bags....
This backpack is big enough to hold all the swimming essentials. C's wearing it to her school gala practice today. A very happy child with a brand new backpack.
I'm going to officially start my week, with.... err going back to school to drop off the goggles that I forgot to pack this morning.
See you on Wednesday.

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