Friday, March 24, 2017

Autumn, Are You Coming Yet?

The most worn clothes in the past few months are my three Wanderlust Tees. I love wearing tee shirts, especially the days I plonk myself in front of my machines for long periods of time. I've always wanted to sew ten black tee shirts and just live in nothing else but them. Don't fashion designers usually wear the simpliest clothes? I don't mind pretending I'm one of them. :))

This outfit with a simple tee shirt from here, and a gathered skirt hasn't got any designer chic look, but I had to make because 1, I hate seeing leftover fabric lying around; and 2, I think I'm still a little traumatized by last weekend's heat wave so I wanted something to cool me down, visually at least.
I bought this tableclothes pattern fabric a few weeks back and I was going to turn it into a shirt, but wearing long sleeves is unthinkable right now. Then I decided to make it into a longish skirt, and I would be able to wear it underneath a dress or something in Autumn. However, having only 1.5 meters of it wasn't going to make it happen, so I maximized the fabric and got a skirt sitting on my knees....Good news is I don't have leftover of that fabric now.
As soon as I finished sewing the skirt, it started to rain. We are having water restrictions this summer. So everyone's in high spirit whenever it rains a few drops. Sometimes, I feel like just being a child again and getting completely drenched while having fun in the rain.
I've been chasing time this whole week, just meeting various deadlines. Time to get that adrenaline pumped even more as I plan for a Autumn wardrobe.
Have a great weekend.

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