Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Possibly-Just-for-This Autumn Jacket

Good morning, friends.
I've mentioned here before that C loves pasting glue on her hands and then peeling off once it's dried, something she must've inherited from my side of the gene pool. So every week after art club, her two hands are covered in ready-to-peel dried-out glue, and for two weeks, I've been giving her a hat in the car for her to throw the peeled off pieces of glue into. As a forgetful mom, I've put the same hat on C's head, twice, without emptying out the glue pieces. Last Friday, I spotted some white stuff on C's head which I thought was fine glue pieces at the beginning, but after a closer examination, I realized it's every mom's nightmare. She's gone through the lice treatment and I've been through hell washing all the sheets and towels. On top of that, granny decided to pay a surprise visit. The weekend felt rather full...

I got a Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine 3 weeks ago and had my first test drive on this jacket. It sews so smoothly, like cutting butter. The motor sounds much quieter than my Elna and it's like the motor's got a motor itself. It has a very solid build and I am sure it won't cringe at my abuse. I'm keeping both machines for now, as I'm still getting used to the new horse.

The jacket is from here. I have to say, as much as I enjoyed sewing it on the new machine, I struggled cutting that fabric. It was sold to me as linen, but to me it looks and feels like some super soft interior fabric. In fact, C's original idea was for me to make her a hexagon Lindt chocolate shaped cushion. I think I've still got enough to make that cushion happen. During cutting, the fabric kept on slipping and shifting. Sewing slippery fabric is not my speciality....

I decided to go for size 120cm because the previous size 130mm jacket turned out to be on the large side. Even with the lengthened sleeves, this jacket looks somewhat small... It seems OK for now, but I doubt it's going to fit her in 6 months' time. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

The winning part is the dress underneath which I made two and a half years ago still fits, except that below-the-knee length has become above-the-knee length. :D

Last week of school before the holidays start. Is it me or this term has gone far too quickly? It feels like these kids have more holidays than school days. Oh well, I'm ready for the holiday challange. Are you?

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