Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Floral Shirt for Me

When do you know that you are ready?
Recently I've had two opportunities knocking on my door. One is to prepare a range for an online kids shop, and the other to have a shared table at a market. Both are aimed at selling, and involve hiring people to sew for me. I know, it's possibly the inevitable route if I want to grow, but something is telling me I'm not 100% ready for that yet. Is it defeating the purpose of my journey by having a small production line? I am not sure. Right now, I make three garments a week for me and my daughter and then talk utter nonsense on my posts. Truth is, I am thoroughly having a ball doing these things. I am growing, probably at the slowest pace, but it feels to me every step I've moved forward, it's solid. As to when I am ready to get more ambitious, I hope I will know when that time comes.

I'm OK with subtle prints like this one. The fabric is quite wide, so I bought 1.5 meters for this shirt. When I laid out the pattern pieces, I realized the branches have two directions. So I moved everything onto the floor where I had more space to work out which pattern goes where.
I've decided to leave all the white branches at the front and move all the brown ones to the back.
The pattern is from here. When I tried on the shirt half way through sewing, I had the sleeves ungathered and without a collar. I kind of liked wide-sleeve look. I could easily turn it into a jacket with three-quarter sleeves. I will probably try it, adding bias tape instead of a collar, etc.
There's some white peeking through the brown at the back.
Speaking of growing earlier, I think I need to start manipulating the patterns now, to suit my own style. This look is a big mature on me, I mean to those who have seen me in person, when have you seen me not in a tee shirt and some loose pants? :-))
Our weather is cooler today thanks to the overnight rain. It's time for a nice long early morning beach walk. Till Friday.

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