Friday, March 31, 2017

A Can't-Stop-the-Feeling Jacket

To get C's spirit up in front of the camera, I always play the music she likes or the ones that are very easy to dance to. "Dumb Ways to Die" had been our favorite for two weeks and for this jacket I decided to change the music to Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling. Did I make the right choice? Yes, and No. She's totally stoked and couldn't stop dancing, but since it's a rhythmic song, it's a bit difficult for her to slow down, thus the outcome of hundreds of blurry shots....I guess I really need to set to a faster shutter speed next time.

Why did I make another jacket for her so soon? Reason No.3, last jacket will definitely not last long considering her current growing speed; Reason No.2, I have so much leftover fabric from my own cardigan; Reason No.1, I think I have chronic laziness syndrome when it comes to changing thread colors, so using the same fabric means not having to change the thread color at all. Win! At the same time, I even lengthened C's school pants, of the same color. Double win!
The pattern is from here, and I made it into size 130cm. Now this is something that's going to cover the winter months.
I used grey linen for the lining of the pockets. I wanted to have a little of grey peeking through.
The wrong side of this fabric is cotton toweling, the right side, err, probably poly cotton rib. When I ironed on the test fabric, it didn't iron well. There was some smoke (oops) and a funny smell. I immediately stopped and never touched the iron again. I then top stitched almost the entire jacket to get neat and flat seams. And I never used interfacing since anything ironed on wasn't an option. The fabric looked solid enough by itself. I always have this fear that if I mess up at the button holes at the end, I would mess up the whole garment. Still, after contemplating between snap fasteners and buttons, I decided to go for the buttons, without interfacing. It turned out OK with my severe tugging and pulling during sewing. I do hope the holes do get a bit tightened after a wash.
Now this is a size I'm happy with and C looks comfortable in it.
Even in a Dab pose.
School holiday is here and my survival mode has been activated. 18 days to go. Let's do this.
I will be back on Monday.
Till then, take care.

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