Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Side Pockets Simple Gathered Skirt

I stink.
Well, hopefully not physically.
I stink at multitasking. The best I can do is snacking and watching TV at the same time without choking. Lately, my fridge has become rather empty. Dinner time is my daily impromptu show, digging for whatever ingredients I can find and putting them together regardless whether they'd work or not. Since I've adopted this strong determination to sew diligently, I'm successfully becoming a loser in other aspects. This morning I realized I didn't manage to reach my workout goal for last week. It's my first unachieved goal. It's like you keep straight A's throughout the year and by one silly miscalculation you get an F that F is always going to stick around and be an eyesore....It's terrible.

However, this simple gathered skirt with side pockets does cheer me up. It's a free pattern from Purl Soho. You only need to draft and cut out rectangle squares. It's really easy yet stylish with the side pockets.
The 100% cotton fabric is from S.A. Interlining. I've mentioned their name quite often on my blog. They are one of the top quality fabric shops I know of. As a matter of fact, they might be one of the few that's still left.
The gathered skirt I made last week has been worn nonstop. C's just started to discover a world of skirts so when I showed her this latest make, she squeaked and claimed how much she loves skirts now. "Best skirt ever" were the exact words. And then, I felt like squeaking myself hearing that from her.
We tend to overthink and complicate things and miss the simple beauty. Life is much easier with .... a gathered skirt, and a tee shirt. ;-)
See you on Friday, my friends.

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