Monday, February 27, 2017

Sarouel Pants in Jersey

Are you familiar with South Africa's greeting formula? I'm not. Is it one kiss, two kisses, in the air, on the cheeks, or a hug, I have no clue. It seems with so many cultures here, people are doing their own things anyway. Everytime I meet someone new, it's a guessing game. I am not a big hugger, nor a kisser. My strategy is to dodge the kisses that are aiming at the lips at all costs, or initiate a hug and then retrieve quickly. When I tell people that Asians don't really do kisses, I get fist and palm salute in return, which is only confusing things even more. Blame it on the kung-fu movies.

You know the sarouel pants that I live in five days a week? Well, I've just got the weekends covered, too. I've made them in single jersey knit for the first time and they are absolutely comfortable to lounge around on weekends.

Yep, they hide a food baby well, too.

The other thing I've been wearing a lot is this Wanderlust Tee. I've made myself three of these tee shirts and I wear them straight from the washing line. No matter how many other clothes I make, I always go for the knits first. Same with my daughter.

This week, I want to work on wardrobe staples. Practical clothes that we are actually going to wear over and over. I feel all rejunevated and ready to tackle. Join me?

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