Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sarouel Pants Edition 3

Hello Monday, nice to see you again. My weekend was filled with cyclists watching. The triathlon race happened right underneath the balcony of our temporary beach front home, so spending hours eating ice lollies while watching and cheering for them seemed to be an inevitable way to kill the weekend. It’s amazing to see how many people here, cyclists or not, participate in all sorts of sports. Outdoor activities are big here. For years, I plastered myself with sun cream and ventured into the sun like any fearless sun worshiper, persuading myself it’s good to get some vitamin D. But since I channeled my Asian heritage recently and found my skin a little roasted, I’ve been avoiding the sun like a plague, and religiously wearing hats on top of sun cream.

cycling with your eyes closed is not recommended. I blinked, obviously....

But two days of cyclists watching must have triggered something inside me, so much so that I decided to take out my beach cruiser and change my usual standing-against-the-wall photo scene a bit.
These are my third pair of sarouel pants. The first two pairs are here and here. Now that I'm looking at my archives, I realize I've used the exact same fabric as my second pair which I made more than two years ago. I've worn my old pair so much ever since that the color is fading and the fabric thinning out. They're officially retired now.
I actually had to make new patterns this time, because apparently I didn’t know what I was doing back then and the measurements were off. No wonder there was always some pulling and shifting involved during previous sewing.

They are incredibly fast to sew, as there are only three major pieces of fabric. Now, I’m going to proudly tell you, I see this as my work outfit, my errand outfit, my putt putt outfit, a potential maternity outfit as there is plenty room for the tummy to grow, definitely not because I’m pregnant.
I’m wearing them now as I type this, and I am going to have a mentally relaxed week knowing I’ve got comfortable pants to wear while I sew up another storm.


  1. They look great, and the fabric is definitely one you can use again and again. I too am very consistent in my wardrobe choices - if i could just repurchase things as they wear out, I would probably do so!

    1. We only need the basics, don't we? And those fancy ones that we wear countable times in our life time, well, we invest.