Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pintuck Dress with Draped Ribbon Sleeves

Is what comes to mind now.
Last week, I had a very interesting chat with a friend, who happens to have majored in astrology in college. How cool is that? She said that when you were born, your whole life had been planned out for you already. From thousands of years of star reading, your personality and life journey become very interpretable and predictable. I used to put astrology, superstition, tarot card reading, bone reading etc under one category, the one that I gave about 5% attention to. But now I’m surprised to find myself following an astrology website to read my daily prediction. After all, it’s a word suffixed “ology”. So it’s probably science related, right?

Then I started to wonder there must be many people out there, born at the exact time and date as me. Do our lives share the same pattern? Maybe so, but that childhood family influence play a vital role, too, to form who we are, who we want to become, how we make our decisions, or where we are going, what kind of people we are attracted to, not just based on some astrological compatibility.
As a Pisces, I had known in my school years that being a creative would suit me. But on the contrary, I was good at maths and had poor imagination. I couldn’t picture myself doing anything arty. Then this weird thing --- sewing --- happened, along came Instagram, I can literally feeling the transition inside me. I’m growing to be, me. It’s like I’ve discovered who I really am. I, understand, now.
This dress, is made in 100% linen. The fabric feels quite stiff, but I thought it would be good to add some structure. It’s a pattern from Feminine Wardrobe, quite similar to something I had made over 2 years ago. I didn’t have scalloped fabric so I lengthen the bodice about 3cm for the hem. I love small details on a garment, like the ribbons on these sleeves. The sleeves probably took the longest time to sew, but the outcome was so worth it.
It’s midweek Wednesday, and my daily prediction dosage indicates that I use my verbal momentum to elicit change today. Um...I'm not so sure that I've got a strong verbal capacity. But since my current motto is "go for it", I'm just going to go with it. :-)

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