Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Post-Valentine's Day Top with Pom Poms

I didn't mean to linger on this Valentine's Day topic, but when I went fabric shopping on the said special day, a few people in the shop wore red, then a lady said to me, "Why don't you get some red fabric?" Well, I might look the role, but I'm not the type that swims with the tide. However, she was very kind that not only did I not ask if there's a special on all shades of red, but I grabbed a red roll closest to me, knowing Valentine's Day would be long overdue before anything's made out of this thin cotton fabric.

Thing is, I am not too sure about this top. It's not very me. It's a little like a flamingo dancer's casual wear. I couldn't find any red pom pom trimmings, so I invested on some black. Now the color combination seems a bit too Spanish to me.... :-)
So this slight Bohemian looking top is from Feminine Wardrobe. I will probably try making it again with some darker fabric --- black or navy blue, definitely without trimmings next time.
Here's a little behind the scene look. I used to set up the tripod and still have plenty time to get to my position after the shutter button was pushed. However, at this rental house, I have to run around a swimming pool to get to the other side. It's inevitable that I now have got loads of motion shots like this one above.
I feel like adopting a new hobby --- guitar is on my mind now.
We shall see about that, maybe once I've done enough sewing.
Till Friday.

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