Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Frilly Sleeve Top

This Monday, C went to her tennis class with a polyester school PE top, instead of the cotton house tee shirt she always wears. She’s quite aware of the fabric choice and detests synthetic fabrics. I wonder where she got that from. Anyway, the reason that she had no cotton top to wear was because both tee shirts were still in the washing basket from the previous week and I didn’t get to wash everything during the weekend. Why? Because I was busy sewing and planning my week ahead.

If I could do everything, I would do it all. I like eating healthy food, doing exercise, reading books, looking peppy, and on top of them, I’d very much like a career. I mean who doesn’t want it all? For the past 7 years, I had put myself on the back burner as I focused on being a good mother. I guess I could’ve fit everything in with a 4-hour sleep schedule. The only problem is looking like a walking dead is not my thing...
Since the beginning of this year, I’ve had this strong driven force to guide me towards career building. I’m not a believer of any sort of supernatural powers, but it indeed feels like I’m being pulled away from my mother role and something’s telling me it’s OK now to shift towards my own personal growth.
I love love love this top if I may say so myself. It’s flowy, has details on the sleeves, really easy to wear and it probably goes with anything. The pattern is from the never failing Kana’s Standard. Fabric is 100% cotton from SA Interlining. The combo of great pattern and quality fabric can only lead to a win.
We successfully moved into our two-week temporary home yesterday -- Airbnb, I detest what you are doing to my husband, however, the money’s really good so I guess we are in a love/hate relationship. But even with these constant moves, I’ve got everything set up and ready to roll already. Nothing can stop me now.
See you soon.

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