Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Completely, Properly, Fully Lined Jacket

Ladies and gentlemen, ninas y ninos, senoras y senores, let me present you this ultimate fully-lined jacket with broad welt side pockets, in the middle of our summer weather. This, is a major achievement for moi. Who cares if I’ve made for the right season? If you are a regular here, then you should have noticed I’ve stopped talking about my clothes -- I still show pictures of them, but I feel I have not much to say about them. But this one, be prepared for some clothes making fun facts.

Why am I making a lined jacket now? The reason is simple. I’ve committed myself to a three-garment-a-week routine and after two weeks or so, I got tired of quick fixes. I am always up for a challenge. And since I’ve never, ever, made a lined jacket before, I had to make it happen. No other option.


99% of the Japanese patterns only have facing pieces and I was (still am) quite content with just a single layer, you know, with fleece, or faux fur, they do the job for our mild winter. I’ve watched online tutorials on how to add a lining, but I probably have advanced stage of laziness, it just never occurs to me that I should give it a go myself.


This jacket, comes with the already-drafted outer and inner pattern pieces that are clearly marked where slight modifications should apply. It’s saved me a ton of time, and taught me exactly how to draft my own lining pieces from now on. I’ve found all the styles in this book details focused. For instance, all the seams are hidden -- you don’t see any zigzag or overlocked stitches; welt pockets instead of patch pockets. These involve extra time and effort to make the garment more professional. Years ago, I bought a jacket with bias tape covering all the seams. I didn’t think much at the time, but now looking at that jacket, I understand how well made it is. That paying extra attention to the fine details, is what I want to learn, especially if it’s something when people can’t even tell from the outside.

I’ve made it in a larger size, as we are still months away from winter, and I’d hate to see C outgrow this one too quickly. After all, it's cost me hours of blood, sweat and tears. :-)
Have a great weekend, friends. 
Till next week.


  1. It looks super-professional with those welt pockets. Please do keep sewing from this book - you have a knack for picking out the projects I've overlooked and making me want to sew them!

    1. Thanks. I will try harder now to pick out some interesting styles that might be hidden in between the pages...:-D