Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Side Pockets Simple Gathered Skirt

I stink.
Well, hopefully not physically.
I stink at multitasking. The best I can do is snacking and watching TV at the same time without choking. Lately, my fridge has become rather empty. Dinner time is my daily impromptu show, digging for whatever ingredients I can find and putting them together regardless whether they'd work or not. Since I've adopted this strong determination to sew diligently, I'm successfully becoming a loser in other aspects. This morning I realized I didn't manage to reach my workout goal for last week. It's my first unachieved goal. It's like you keep straight A's throughout the year and by one silly miscalculation you get an F that F is always going to stick around and be an eyesore....It's terrible.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sarouel Pants in Jersey

Are you familiar with South Africa's greeting formula? I'm not. Is it one kiss, two kisses, in the air, on the cheeks, or a hug, I have no clue. It seems with so many cultures here, people are doing their own things anyway. Everytime I meet someone new, it's a guessing game. I am not a big hugger, nor a kisser. My strategy is to dodge the kisses that are aiming at the lips at all costs, or initiate a hug and then retrieve quickly. When I tell people that Asians don't really do kisses, I get fist and palm salute in return, which is only confusing things even more. Blame it on the kung-fu movies.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Girls' Chinese Qipao Take 2

It looks like I'm stuck on red this week.
C showed me a little Chinese coin purse last week and asked if I could make her a kimono/qipao dress with slits on the side, to match her purse. She still doesn't have a very clear idea about which dress represents which Asian country. I kind of wanted to make a kimono  myself as I've never made one before and remembering the beautiful version on my sewing sister Marisa's blog, I messaged her immediately. A few messages back and forth later, I realized how much fabric it's involved to make a yutaka, which is a casual summer kimono. At the price of the expensive Asian theme printed cotton from Stitch 'n Stuff, a yukata is going to cost me an arm and a leg.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Post-Valentine's Day Top with Pom Poms

I didn't mean to linger on this Valentine's Day topic, but when I went fabric shopping on the said special day, a few people in the shop wore red, then a lady said to me, "Why don't you get some red fabric?" Well, I might look the role, but I'm not the type that swims with the tide. However, she was very kind that not only did I not ask if there's a special on all shades of red, but I grabbed a red roll closest to me, knowing Valentine's Day would be long overdue before anything's made out of this thin cotton fabric.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Simple Gathered Skirt

Good morning! How was your weekend? Did you go to the Cape Town Art Fair? Of course I didn't make it, as I mentally survived another house move, if not physically. I don't like not having a permanent home, but since moving around is our current lifestyle, I'm focusing on the positive side, where sewing is prioritized.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Linen Long Shirt

When I was in primary school, I had a class teacher who taught us for three years. During a chat, she told me she was 28 years old. I was probably less than 10 at the time. The combination of being 28 and single made her a fossil in my dictionary. Also around that time, I drafted a life plan --- study hard, get good marks, get a job that pays well, get married around 23, and if I ever decide to have a child one day, have it young. That’s probably due to my big age gap between my own parents and me. It turned out that my early years went pretty much as planned, except that I didn’t exactly marry myself out that young, but close.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Dress from the Land of Animals

Hi everyone, how was your Valentine’s Day? I had a great morning visiting fabric and notion shops (and strategically buying), indeed my kind of day. I guess to indulge myself with my "true love" -- a.k.a. fabric -- every now and then is allowed. My daughter, went to school in her white/red outfit and she even dressed her teddy to take to school with. No school uniform creates all-around happiness.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sarouel Pants Edition 3

Hello Monday, nice to see you again. My weekend was filled with cyclists watching. The triathlon race happened right underneath the balcony of our temporary beach front home, so spending hours eating ice lollies while watching and cheering for them seemed to be an inevitable way to kill the weekend. It’s amazing to see how many people here, cyclists or not, participate in all sorts of sports. Outdoor activities are big here. For years, I plastered myself with sun cream and ventured into the sun like any fearless sun worshiper, persuading myself it’s good to get some vitamin D. But since I channeled my Asian heritage recently and found my skin a little roasted, I’ve been avoiding the sun like a plague, and religiously wearing hats on top of sun cream.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Completely, Properly, Fully Lined Jacket

Ladies and gentlemen, ninas y ninos, senoras y senores, let me present you this ultimate fully-lined jacket with broad welt side pockets, in the middle of our summer weather. This, is a major achievement for moi. Who cares if I’ve made for the right season? If you are a regular here, then you should have noticed I’ve stopped talking about my clothes -- I still show pictures of them, but I feel I have not much to say about them. But this one, be prepared for some clothes making fun facts.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pintuck Dress with Draped Ribbon Sleeves

Is what comes to mind now.
Last week, I had a very interesting chat with a friend, who happens to have majored in astrology in college. How cool is that? She said that when you were born, your whole life had been planned out for you already. From thousands of years of star reading, your personality and life journey become very interpretable and predictable. I used to put astrology, superstition, tarot card reading, bone reading etc under one category, the one that I gave about 5% attention to. But now I’m surprised to find myself following an astrology website to read my daily prediction. After all, it’s a word suffixed “ology”. So it’s probably science related, right?

Monday, February 6, 2017

A Super-Duper Bubbly Dress

If, first sleepover was considered a milestone...?
It feels in the past few weeks my little girl has matured a lot. She initiated a sleepover at a friend’s house on Friday and she did it! Not that I was eager to chase her out of the nest at all, or I wanted a sleepover for her, I was excited merely because I know once she’s set her mind to something, she just does it. From past experience, I’ve learnt that with C sometimes pushing is not the best way, if she’s ready to allow things to happen, they will happen; otherwise, it just creates unnecessary stress.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Frilly Sleeve Top

This Monday, C went to her tennis class with a polyester school PE top, instead of the cotton house tee shirt she always wears. She’s quite aware of the fabric choice and detests synthetic fabrics. I wonder where she got that from. Anyway, the reason that she had no cotton top to wear was because both tee shirts were still in the washing basket from the previous week and I didn’t get to wash everything during the weekend. Why? Because I was busy sewing and planning my week ahead.