Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saturday Frilly Top

This past weekend was awesome. Great friends, yummy food, aspiring conversations, really you can't go wrong with them. Did I fail to mention that our kids were self-entertained too? It was utterly soul saving. It felt like I had spent two days doing some much needed planning without interuption. As a matter of fact, I managed to make this top from scratch on Saturday, with the help of a playdate for C. I know I've bragged enough in the past how much joy it brings to make things with your hands, but to do it with speed, is a whole new level of satisfaction. Right now, I'm all fired up and I don't want to slow down.

The material I've used here is 100% cotton I bought from Sir Lowry Fabrics a while ago, maybe a year to be exact. The shop is a little overshadowed next to Fabric City, but they have some good quality plain colored rolls that are definitely worth the visit, espeically with down-to-the-earth price tags.
I put the top on C after a quick shower and it took literally less than 3 minutes to get the photos taken. Kana's Standard for Kids never fails. I'd say it's her cup of tea, too. She asked if she could wear it immediately to a friend's place that evening. If that's a not a 100% approval from my daughter, I don't know what is.
New year's revolution has never worked for me, even if I announced it in public. It's just not easy to work towards something when you don't have a clear deadline or consequences if you fail to achieve. So instead of saying aloud what I am planning and get laughed at by the end of the year, I've set up small manageable weekly goals for myself. So far, it's working great for me.
Have a great start of the week, friends.


  1. Love this top (in fact, I almost bought the book just for this pattern, but I have so many other books already...). I like the colour combo with the green necklace, too. Good luck with your weekly goals - I think it's a very practical idea.

    1. I had been wanting to make this top for as long as I can remember. And I'm so glad I've finally done it. It was .... effortless... :-D