Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Midweek Extremely Quick Sew -- Hip Hop Pants

On Monday afternoon, C asked for a pair of hip hop pants to wear the next day. She wanted a pair of loose fitted pants with a dropped crotch. For starters, shopping is not my thing. I felt drained already just to think about going from shop to shop to look for those specific pants. What are sewing mamas to do? We sew! I've made them before in my early sewing days (check here and here), and I knew they were extremely fast to make.

The pattern was Burda's 9493. I did make some adjustments. The length of the elasticated waist is way off, so it's best to measure your child and then cut the elastic accordingly. I omitted the pockets and added cuff bands from the shorter version. The fit is good, but I probably should've lengthened them a little. I know by the time winter comes, they will be on the short side already....
I bet for me to sew a pair is way faster than going to the shops. I always feel if it's something I can make myself, using the material I've got on hand, I shouldn't rely on others. Plus, C's specific words were "Mom, can you make me a pair?" :-D
These easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy pants were born in no time and look at her learning-to-skip face.
The white tee shirt is from here.  I've made a few of them in different solid colors and they are C's favorites. She wears them to sleep, to the park, to friends' houses. She literally wears them all the time.
You go, my girl. You are all set for hip hop class.

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