Sunday, January 29, 2017

Classic White Linen Pants

Water saving has been the big topic lately. School is reinforcing how to effectively save water on children and at home we try to be water efficient as much as we can. Ideally, we should all use buckets to collect the clean water during shower while waiting for the water to get warm, and then use it for other cleaning purposes; collect grey water from washing machine to flush the toilet; change to eco-soap so we can reuse the water for our gardens, etc. It does sound like there's a lot of extra work but I was surprised to see how much water we could actually reuse. We are not doing enough in our daily lives, really not enough....

On the brighter side, we have been lucky to get some rain in the past week. With the rain, it feels like we are getting pre-autumn weather. It is cooler in the early mornings and night, which means I need long pants.
I made a pair of similar shorts in the summer and I really like how natural it feels to put them on in the morning. It's like the go-to thing to do. I wake up and my instinct takes me to them. Of course the shorts get equal amount of alone time either being in the washing basket or on the washing line. I might loved them too much that I just had to make a longer version. Same pattern from Kana's Standard but being lengthend to the feet, in luxurious linen. It's probably one of the very few pairs of pants that I'm 100% happy with the length.
I didn't make the linen top in the photo. It's a good buy from about 10 years ago. I don't wear it very often. It's something that I think will never go out of style and I want to have it in my wardrobe forever. Sounds silly, doesn't it.
We have some movings to do this week and in my head I'm already setting up my sewing machine at our temperory home. Speaking of visualizing and manifesting....
Have a good start of the week, friends.

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