Friday, January 20, 2017

A Little Not-Black Dress

Hi there (with a big wave), I'm back.
I was away for 5 weeks, and boy did I miss this place. Overtime without me knowing, I've become quite dependent on my sewing. No matter what my daily life is like, making things is my drug. It pulls me away from reality and this might sound weird, it fulfils me.

We did lots of traveling and so so much walking in the past month. C and I flying to Shanghai to visit family and friends was definitely my highlight of the holiday. We've done the trip before, but she was either too young or too lazy to go exploring, so we ended up being homebound a lot. This time was different. We made rules before we travelled and I just wasn't prepared to sit at home for two weeks. So in the end, we met with lots of friends and been to tons of interesting places. I had a blast. But at the same time, it was quite sentimental for me.
I've been living in Cape Town for more than 10 years and I call it my home. I am not a traditional person and I wasn't exactly close to my family, so the transition was fairly easy. Even without a single family member or friend here when I made the move, I had never missed anyone or the city where I grew up. I adapted to the new life style really quickly and today I have my own family and have made new friends here. Sometimes, I even envy what my life looks like as an outsider.
Lately, even before our travels, I've been having a strong feeling building up inside me, which keeps on pulling me towards Asia. I am not sure if every 10 years is a cycle, but I miss my old childhood friends and I miss the jokes that only we can understand. I miss the days when I was fully financial independent and had a life. It was sad for me to board on the returning airplane and get back into my role as a full-time mom again. The good thing that has come out of it is I've never been more motivated to make a change.
Let's get to the dress, shall we? It's a pattern from Sweet Dress Book, with a zipper at the back. It is a little bit more fitted than my usual styles, but not to the extend that reveals tummy rolls. From all the packing and unpacking, I'm losing track of my clothes and this easy-to-wear dress is sewn just in time.
OK, now that my sewing is getting warmed up, I'm feeling alive again.
See you here soon.

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