Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Black Potato Sack Dress

One thing that's happening for sure is I've got my momentum going, and I'm loving it.
We've been back for a week and our lives are back on track. C's started school and I've started curing my fabric addiction, um hmm, by using up some of my stash.  I've still got a few new year appointments here and there, some motherly duties --- like going to parents' meeting and supporting your daughter at Athletics Day, but other than that, I'm spending lots of time with my machines, which is exactly what I need right now.

This dress is easy to sew and looks pretty easy to wear. I've noticed recently, because of all the moving we did, most of our summer clothes are still packed away and C's definitely lost track of some of her tank tops and shorts. She's got a few dresses hanging in the cupboard and she's wearing dresses again (!!). I'm seriously considering offering nothing but vegetables for two weeks and see if that's going to add new things onto the menu.
The pattern is from here. The book's size range is from 100 to 150cm. I'm not sure about what happens when C reaches 150cm, but so far, she's happy to wear what I make for her. Actually she's pretty easy if the style is not too complicated and requiring too much effort to put on. The material is 100% linen. All I'm saying is cotton + linen enforcement must start young....
C looks quite hyper in the photos and I wonder if it's because she's liking the dress that much....
I wish. :-D


  1. I think your version looks way more appealing than the one in the book! Now that I've seen yours (and noticed that lovely little keyhole opening in the front) I might just have to sew one. If only R didn't already have so many dresses...

    1. Thank you. Haha, I think she will be just fine with one extra dress...Plus, she can always pass it on to someone when she outgrows it. ;-)