Friday, December 2, 2016

White Linen Blouse


Lately, I've become an expert at dealing with hanging-on-a-thread baby teeth. I guess it's just something you pick up on the way. C has lost 8 teeth so far and every single one was caused by apple biting. So whenever I spot a tooth that's too loose for comfort, I offer apple, naturally.

I went to her Grade 1 honors assembly this morning and boy how did she get so big already? As someone who's quite emotional, I got a bit teary eyed, which makes sitting here and talking about a blouse seem a bit irrelevant. But I will try.

The fabric is linen with sewn on details, like gathered ribbons and decorative embroidery threads. I am a huge fan of plain fabric with fine details. The pattern is from this book. Perhaps it's not for the right season right now, but I hope it does get some usage, even with C complaining it's a bit formal....

I wish there was a Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy's tune playing at the background. C looks like she's in a singing and clicking zone.

Until next time.


  1. The top is gorgeous, and looks great with those shorts. I agree, fabric with same-colour details is wonderful - but so hard to find. Oh, and if grade 1 graduation gets your emotions going, spare a thought for me - my baby is about to graduate from primary school. I will be keeping dark sunglasses and a box of tissues on hand for sure...!

  2. haha! I suppose dark sunglasses are essential for graduation ceremonies from now on. Enjoy your proud mama moment.