Thursday, December 8, 2016

Linen Blouse + Shorts

It has been quite an emotionally draining week for me. Maybe because it's December already and I'm feeling that another year has gone past and I wish I could've done a little bit more -- sewn more, created more and just lived more. I have the very spirit of a workaholic and I often feel frustrated when I don't see enough results. Generally speaking, in order for me to get to that working mode, there are always other unrelated chores in my way. I guess it's just what it is, some responsibilities you can't shed once you've become a parent.

Thing is, I'm less and less content with my motherly duties. I feel consumed most of the time and as a result, it leaves me very little energy and time to pursue my passion. It feels my life has become, quite lifeless. Perhaps it's just a phase I'm through right now. I'm yearning for a  dramatic change, one that should fully recharge my enthusiasm. Because at this rate, I would be very happy to take an offer at McDonald's as a Big Mac assembler with no complaints, you know, anything to get me out of a rut.
I am still figuring out how to make it happen -- hopefully not as a burger assembler. It's going to be my priority next year, to live, to travel by myself, to do the things that I've missed doing since I became a mother, and to find myself again.
These linen shorts are from my beloved book Kana's Standard and the blouse from here. They are both basic styles and I think they suit my personality very well.
I also cut a piece of big rectangle double gauze fabric and hemmed it to become this scarf. See even though I'm not too excited about leaving my sewing machine behind for the longest time ever and traveling to Johannesburg to kick off our summer vacation in less than 10 days time, I do look ready, don't you say?

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