Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Second Baby Geranium

I want babies in my life.
No. I want baby girls in my life.
Actually let me rephrase that. I want more baby girls that aren't blood related to me in my life.

I've ditched my usual child labor and hired her toy moose for the day.
I love giving away handmade gifts, and I look out for every single opportunity. This time, a brand new baby girl was born. I'm usually the one who's more excited than the parents --- the mom has caved in, and the dad, let's just say the dad looks like he's too eager to audition for a part in The Walking Dead. I've been there myself and I can't say I envy them. But I missed the years when I had my way with my daughter's outfits.
This little Geranium dress has been my standard gift for any newborn girls. It's a size 0-3 month free pattern. I secretly hope I get to know a lot of baby girls, since I haven't found a go-to handmade gift yet for baby misters. Maybe I should look into blankets?
Anyway, please rain more babies, I'm ready.

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