Thursday, November 10, 2016

Linen Drawstring Three-quarter Pants

I don't have the brain capacity to think what I want to wear the next day before my bedtime, and more often than not, I tend to dart all over the house in the mornings. Bad combination, I know. It's a new habit still to be formed, but before then, my instinct is to grab something, anything easy from the cupboard in those manic minutes, and usually I aim at tee shirts and pants/shorts only. I mean I've made a number of pants already but they are either for the wrong season, or they are so worn due to the heavy rotation, like this one here. I am in need of Spring pants...

Those Spring pants would have to be super fast to sew because I'm desperate, and they must be comfortable to wear. They sound about basic needs, right? I used leftover linen fabric from this dress and a pattern from Simple Chic. I did hesitate over the drawstring part after a strappy dress for C I made earlier this week, but that fear was easy to overcome. After all, the waist is not so gathered.
One day I was wearing these sandals with a skirt and then I added a pair of socks because it was quite chilly. "Are you German?" came the fainting comment from my husband as I was leaving the house. I wasn't aware that socks with sandals were a particular German style, but I was glad he didn't say I looked like a granny. At the back of my head, I kind of know the combination is a fashion faux pas, but I really felt like it and because I make my own clothes, I feel powerful to wear whatever I want, like a badass kind of way. :)
So what do you say? Are you with me on this socks-and-sandals ridicule?

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