Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gingham One-piece

Hi there, I present you this one-piece Spring/Summer dress with a one semi-clear picture. I was quite annoyed that it's the best picture I got after deligently deleting hundreds of unqualified blurry ones. The fabric is of some quite fine 100% cotton gingham. I admit it did make my eyes go a bit while sewing, and I did get the feeling that it would do the same to a camera. I was, quite right.

This dress eats fabric. Look at me. I'm covering myself with a gigantic sheet, which is also rather loose and extremely comfortable to wear.
What's versatile about this is you can easily attach a belt and it transforms into something smarter.
But personally, I prefer the loose look. It reminds me of holidays on a beach, or just strolling in an unexplored city and having a glass of mocha macciato....

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