Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Birthday Tee and Pants

I would most probably ask for a fancy dress from my mom for my 7th birthday, if I was offered an open ended clothing request, and if she could sew. Not my daughter. She asked  for a simple tee shirt that says "Today is my birthday." Yep, I guess she loves me that much to not fuss over some birthday clothes.

But of course I had to add a pair of pants at least to the order.

In those beginning days of blogging, I had quite a lot to say about what I sewed up. Now, the construction part is just what it is. I can't elaborate on how I sewed up some pleats or how I made the button holes. They've become part of the basics. To be honest, I feel I've been cast a dry spell that I've lost my momentum. I still love sewing, very much so, but it's like squeezing the last bit of toothpaste from the tube to talk about sewing.

I've bought 10 meters of black cotton lycra and I'm busy working my way through them. Some tees, some leggings, maybe even dresses, I'm chugging away building our wardrobe essentials.
Till next time.


  1. The birthday t-shirt is BRILLIANT - those little candles! I know what you mean about blogging though... sometimes I can't be bothered (so quite a bit of what I sew goes undocumented). But at least tell us what pattern those beautiful pants are!

  2. haha, thank you. The pattern is from Girls Clothes I want to Make. I've made the pants a couple of times so there was really nothing more to talk about....here are the links of previous makes:
    and http://jingandtonic.blogspot.co.za/2016/03/plenty-tees-and-pintuck-pants-combo.html