Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Summer Linen Strappy Dress

Oh hi, we are back to dresses. You heard me right. C claims she doesn't mind wearing a dress when it's not windy. Makes sense. And since I know her favorite summerwear is sun screen --- the less fabric on her shoulder, the better, I needed to make a strappy dress. Plus I've got tons of soft linen at home to make it happen --- the result of my new buying style.

Due to my lazy nature, I wanted to make something simple. This dress from the Style Book caught my eye. It looks like something I can easily whip up in a day, from pattern to fabric to end product. Wrong! Those elasticated rows almost brought tears of frustration. The safety pin kept on breaking off from the elastic band because the tunnels are tight so I had to redo it a lot of times. I gave up after tunnel three. So instead of five rows of elastic bands, I made a narrower version of it.
A very summery back. The downside is I overlooked the fact that she will be needing help to putting on this dress, which might lead to a benchwarmer fate for the dress. Let's see....
Our vegetable patch is in full bloom this season. It's so convenient to just get two stalks of celery when a recipe calls for it, instead buying a whole bunch from the supermarket. Besides that, gardening is really fun. I check how much my tomatoes or brocollis have grown almost every single day and we've spotted plums and peaches already, plus three tiny olives.
Summer is in the air. Mr Turtle here is getting ready for his first dip of the season. Until then, eat your greens. :D

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