Monday, November 14, 2016

A Simple Chic Dress

I'm creepily but surely adding dresses to C's wardrobe again. She has to wear purple clothes to school this coming Thursday, but we turned her closet upside down and found one piece of purple --- a dress I made last winter, which is not season appropriate for now. C first said she wanted a purple tee shirt with purple shorts. (sigh) I don't have problem with purple tee shirts and I understand how comfortable they feel on your body, but really, I just can't put myself together to sew another tee shirt at the moment. In the end, we both settled on a blouse with a pair of non-purple shorts she wears to death, and called it a day.

The problem was, I had bought this fabric the day before and I couldn't picture a blouse in this slightly stiff material. The persuasion from a blouse to a dress was much easier than having to talk her into a dress from a tee shirt. See, I had 50% of the work done the night before.
The pattern is from Kana's Standard for Kids. I've got a few more styles ready to go from this book. I must have mentioned this many times before. Kana's latest books have include all the seam allowances, which is 100% hassle free. I love it when an author is so thoughtful.
The other day, I sugggested putting on a movie called Blended as a warm up before our Sun City trip next month, and C kept on saying no until she wouldn't watch anything else for days.
So guess that, in the end, she loves the dress, which is often the case nowadays....

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