Monday, November 21, 2016

A Bubbly Linen Bolero

Is there a list for the world's top unrealistic goal planners? If there was such a thing, my name would be there. No fail. This weekend, I pulled out a bunch of sheet music books purchased years ago and challenged C that if she cracks any Disney song of her choice, I would go for Jon Schmidt's All of Me. It's a joke for both of us, really, but who cares, if there's some slight motivation for either of us, it's a win.

As you can see, C's wearing a dress. So that might just be the sign to tell me to never give up. I'm actually not insisting that she wear dresses only, but all these clothes that I absolutely love making need to go somewhere, and unlucky for her, she gets clothes all the time.
I'm not sure what she was doing in that picture, possibly peeling glue off her fingers.
I've made this bolero before and it's a real success, out of the combination of her thing for glitters back then and the fact that it was the only easy-on-easy-off jacket she had.
The material is 100% Japanese linen that I used here, here, and here. Still got plenty left and still confident that I'm going to use it up hopefully without overloading our wardrobe with this pale blue.
Till next time.

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