Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wanderlust Tee + Linen Tuck Skirt

After sewing a few summer basics for C, I was extremely bothered by the leftover single jersey fabric. I knew if I didn't use it up quickly, it'd be buried deep in the box. I'm becoming very confident at hauling fabric lately, 10 meters of this and 10 meters of that. I'm certain that I will use them up, eventually. The thing is buying fabric happens way faster than using them. That's a problem....

The skirt is from Kana's Standard. I used the same linen fabric as the shorts here. I shamelessly bought 18 meters of that, so I assure you it's not going to be the last time you see it. The tee shirt is Fancy Tigers' Wanderlust Tee. I had always wanted a loose fitted tee as my summer wardrobe staple. This is the one. I've made two so far, and I've got plans for more.

This skirt has big tucks at the front with a flat waistband, and is elasticated at the back. I'm a big fan of simple easy clothes. This outfit looks very relaxed to me and I'm happy to adopt this as my summer uniform.

Normally I tell C where to stand or where to go when I take pictures of her. This time she threw a wooden phone toy to me and instructed me to pretend that I'm typing. It's funny that I get to hear what I sound like, to her....I guess the wisest thing to do is to be obedient and just follow her lead. ;-)

I've got quite a lot basic garment sewing plans. At the moment, I'm waiting for 10 meters of black cotton lycra to dry, a few pairs of leggings for C, some tee shirts for me and her. It's not difficult to use it up really. By the way, you should know by now how we love the color black here.


  1. C did a great job with those photographs! The 'uniform' is lovey, very relaxed and understated in those soft colours.

    1. Thank you. I do feel very comfortable in the outfit. It's so easy to wear.