Friday, October 21, 2016

Summer Essentials -- White Tee and Bubble Shorts

I'm here to bore you with another basic outfit I've sewn recently for my dress-rejecting 7-to-be little girl. She's making it more and more clear with what she does or does not want to wear. I used to get to choose what kind of clothes I wanted to sew for her, but now that's freedom is completely gone. She now gives very specific order as to the style of her taste --- plain and simple, the very opposite of Fancy Nancy I guess.
I was lucky enough to make the shorts in this linen fabric. It's still considered comfy to her because the pattern is roomy thus it creates zero restriction to the leg movements. I made a pair last year and they're going pretty strong. As for the t-shirt, you can't believe how much usage there has been already since I finished these two last week. It feels like I've finally cracked the code for summer clothes success. It's never wrong to have one more basic tee.
Speaking of functions, this outfit stimulates gross motor development. C's not able to stand still for three seconds, and I started to wonder if throwing two balloons at her was a good idea at all...
Taking pictures full of movements on a cloudy day is a recipe for disaster, but who cares when your daughter completely approves the clothes and you know they won't be sitting in the closet for the coming season. Now I call that a win.

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