Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Linen Pintuck Dress

Oh hi, long time no see. I was in my hibernation mode, not really, school holiday survival mode to be exact. I tend to ignore my sewing altogether during these quarterly holidays and it's often the time when I remind myself that I'm a mother first, and spending time on cooking is beneficial, and that doing loads of house chores in front of your child has educational values...blah blah... It's just the times of the year when I truly slow down.

C has gone back to school today and it feels like I just got back from a sabbatical myself. I'm full of energy and ready to rock and roll. This linen dress was made just before the holiday started. I'm in a retro phase of my own makes from about two years ago. This time I eliminated the pockets and just trying to go clean.

With elasticated cuffs pintucks at the front, the dress looks clean yet interesting. I've been sewing and playing with different materials and styles for a while and I konw I've always had a crush for natural materials, but this plain linen has really captured my heart once and for all.

I doubt C's ever going to put on this dress again, after the photoshoot, but that hardly matters to me anymore. She's developing her own style and personality and it's interesting to watch.

What's to come this term is to fully master the skill and bravery of purchasing fabric by the rolls. Big investment and small plans. Let's see how it all works out.
Till next time.

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