Friday, September 9, 2016

A Simple Linen Summer Outfit

Since I made that black dress last week, C has worn it twice - the second time more talked into than volunteerily - but I can sense that temporary dress itch is slipping away. Separates have been set as her default dress code, which I'm totally OK with, expect for the fact that they take longer to sew than one single dress, but that hardly matters anyway.... 
I'm cutting my way through the linen stash. I originally planned to make something for myself with these two pieces, as they are pretty much my colors - colors that aren't loud. But my growing daughter needs a summer wardrobe more than I do. This is something I consider quite exciting when it comes to sewing for kids. They grow non-stop so you are making new things as they grow all the time.
Both the blouse and pants patterns are from Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids. The blouse had a back closure, which makes it impossible for kids to dress themselves, but why not? It certainly makes the top more interesting. I love the pants' shape too, very relaxed and so ready for a stroll on the beach front.
Finally, I've made something I'm 50% sure she will pull out of her closet when the temperature goes up. The other 50% is forever allocated to tank tops and shorts for the time being I'm afraid.

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