Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Little Linen Summer Top

After making a linen summer outfit last week, I swear that soft linen is the only fabric I want to work with from now on.  Linen can be soft or quite hard, depends on the density I guess. I don't see this type of linen often so when I did see it and tested it, I became a little paranoid, which resulted me going back to the shop last Saturday morning and hauled two rolls of fabric home. I have never ever bought that much fabric -- of the same color -- at any given time, so it's pretty safe to say I was nervous and excited at the same time. I think that panic attack is yet to come when M finds it out.... 
I've got ideas to use up the fabric though, especially now my daughter is only interested in t-shirts and shorts, while I'm inclined to sewing dresses that have a little more interesting shapes than any given plain tees. It came to me the other day that I'm merely trying to force feeding her with my produce because obviously otherwise they'd go to waste. I've been making everything from sleepwear to partywear, thinking we should be self-sufficient now that I sew. But it's not true. A fruit farmer needs to gets eggs from a chicken farm; a diary farmer outsources his sweater, etc. The examples can go on and on and I believe it's how the world works. So, back to our case, now I am all for selling my clothes so I can go support other makers and bring diversity to our wardrobes.
This little top says so much about my style. I made one last week in peach color and I want to go make one out of all the neutral colors available. This top will be joining a shirt dress I made a few weeks back to the first ones on my to-sell pile. I've looked at Etsy and a few market places and I'm pumped with motivation.
I've got enough things on my plate right now, but if I have to give one up, it's not going to be sewing. I love it how I'm able to make things out of my two hands and I'd very like to keep it going.
There she is, the normal photo poses never last long....
And I'm off to sew a storm.
See you soon.


  1. I adore your sewing ,so talented.

    1. Thank you, Nicole. I'm merely a beginner compared to you. I worship your skills.

  2. Rolls of linen, business plans... how exciting! Love this outfit.

  3. Ha! Thank you. I'm all in for stock building now.