Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stripy Women's Metro Tee

Yesterday, it was voting day/public holiday in the middle of the week, and we had a really fun and adventurous time. We walked to our favorite (and the closest to us) restaurant for lunch, stuffed our tummies with pizza, then carried on walking down the road, stopping at various boutique shops. And then we took a taxi home. I think it's my first time taking a taxi in Cape Town after living here for more than a decade. It felt we were doing something new, like being in a foreign city. Even my daughter was excited and didn't complain about the walking. It was early evening already when we got home but when we spotted our neighbor's dog, we asked the neighbor if we could go for a walk together with the dog, since you know, C's in a deep dog phase. The man was very kind and so we headed towards the mountain for another walk.... Great great fun. I'm secretly hoping this becomes a regular.

My brain is still trying to wrap around the fact that morning routines had to go back to normal today. So, before the walk happened, I sewed up this plain tee for me the night before, and dressed myself in it yesterday morning. When C saw me in the morning, she said "Mom, you are a copycat.", as I used the same stripy fabric as this one that I made for her. The pattern is Liesl+co's Women's Metro T-shirt. Now that I've sewn a number of tee shirts for me over the time, and tried to draft and messed up a few, I can honestly say I'm honestly, really, 100% wholehearted happy with is one. It's a basic style with a top-notch fit.
It's very versatile. With a fit this good, I should just let the pictures do the talking.
And lastly, Miss Original with Miss Copycat, happily wearing their stripy tops together.


  1. Well, you certainly are a well coordinated pair! Love the stripey top, and the way you did the neckband with the black stripe - just perfect. Do you ever go to Posticino in Sea Point? That was one of my favourite pizza places when I lived there - no idea if it's still around, though.

    1. Thank you, Marisa. We both love our stripy tees. Yes, Posticino is still here and it seems very popular everytime I pass it. But Bacini's at the end of Kloof Street is our weekly spot. Addicted to their pizzas.