Monday, August 1, 2016

Sashiko Stitching Multiple Zipper Pouches

Since I work on our dining table, from time to time, that whole space needs to cleared up to serve its original purpose. I did the exercise this past weekend. Overtime, I've moved bits of sewing supplies here and there to the table, before I knew it, the table had become quite clustered. While I was tidying up, I looked at my big fabric stash and sewing supplies and realized wow, I've really spent a lot of money on this hobby.
Probably not as much as a woodworking hobby drains the bank account I assume. I took C to a friend's house this weekend and the father of the child makes all the furniture in the house, purely as his hobby. The pieces are very unique and beautifully handmade. He gets you-should-sell-them a lot, but it's difficult to put a price tag on them once you've poured so much heart and time. I feel very related, except for the part that he's got a day job and I don't. From pattern tracing to fabric cutting, then sewing up pieces, with ironing in between. It takes time. It's a process that you will only understand once you've done it. It's like having children in a way, you will not register how much time and effort and love need to be invested before you have your own children. At least, that's my case.
With constant pressure to monetize my hobby, I made these 9 sashiko stitching zipper pouches. The idea is quite exciting so I've packed them in a big box labelled "to sell one day". Maybe I will just carry on building up the collection until that day comes when I have enough stock to open up a pop up shop, that is, if I don't hand them away as gifts. Apparently I'm quite good at that....
Happy Monday, friends.


  1. They are really beautiful - I especially love the leaves. If you give them away as gifts instead of buying gifts, you could argue that you are saving money (that's what I tell myself when I sew things for other people!) which is as good as earning it (and much easier). Or maybe you could start a little etsy shop? The other thing I tell myself to justify my hobby is that sewing is therapeutic, and way cheaper than psychologists' fees :)

    1. Haha. My husband sometimes says my mental wall is too thick to penetrate, so I guess that psychologists' route is not feasible.