Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Panda Onesie

My weekend was filled sewing and cooking sans cleaning up the mess. It was a good one. Since I announced I'm off cleaning duty, about three days ago, I'm in the zen-iest state that I've ever been. I know I won't be off forever, but to know that I can have a break every now and then is solid enough.
C had been saying "Daddy's going to get me a onesie." for about two weeks. Apparently they discovered aFREAKa onesie website and the shop location is pretty close to us. Not managing to fight the onesie pressure, M made a trip to the shop but only to find out they're out of size. I'm pretty sure they can make one if you place an order, but madam's patience is running out. "Mommy, can you make me a onesie?" It came with specific instructions, too. "I want it to look like a real panda, not all white with a black tummy." I'd say, having a sewing mama's quite handy.
My first attempt was McCall's pattern M6106. It's on sale, for less than $2.50! But what a pity that they don't sell PDF patterns. My ears would have got thick Calluses from C's non-stop "When can you make the onesie?" by the time the paper pattern order arrives. To save my ears and my sanity, I had to go look elsewhere.
I found a Simplicity pattern 2855 available to purchase at Fabric City. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of these printed-on-tissue patterns. You need to handle them with great care and after use you have to fold them back ever so precisely to fit in the sleeve. Then again, I'm way too lazy to trace C's jersey + sweatpants myself, so Simplicity it is.
It feels like I've made so many changes on the go. I color blocked leg parts, so the panda can have black legs like in the real world, dramatically shortened the arms and legs' lengths, ignored the belly patch, ignored the bias tape for the cuffs, added a small tail and sewed on the panda face myself.
What I love most about this pattern is the hood is actually seperate from the body, which means the hood can be used with other outfits.
C is so, so happy with the onesie. "Better than a store-bought one." She says. Well, of course. I call it custom made. She does the Toca Blocks tall bear silly dance all the time to make us laugh. And she now pretends to be a huge fluffy teddy bear, so she can be cuddled and carried around. I've probably reached my weekly weight lifting goal already, thanks to the onesie.


  1. This is WAY better than the one you linked to - C was lucky they were out of stock! So cute and cosy-looking.

    1. Aww thank you! And now that I have the pattern, I can make so many more versions of it. Bring on the animals.